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This is my office

Have you ever wondered: what on earth is in that womans handbag?

‘this is my office’ is a project where I aim to find ‘my absolut life necessities’ to be (a woman) on the road and in business. Since I have servel office locations, i carry this equipment around with me all the time, and like that it enable me to work almost anywhere.

I have looked into each and every items in my bag, sorted and graded and found some not nesserary enough to stay in the bag. What is in my bag today is showed on the picture above, and that is my fundamental equipment. It’s a bit much … but I accutally carry all of this around, – all the time. Hmm

When I started this project my handbag was a wonderful mess … it looked like a desktop compleated with personllay effects pured into the handbag = very diffucult to find things.  Therefore I have worked out themes ‘containers’ to help myself devide the content of my bag into manageable parts. It has helped!

NOW – I consider turning this into a serie of new product designs, and like to ask for your assistance.

For research please help me: leave a comment about your ‘bag content’ and your life- and businessnecessities or even better: take a picture of it all and send it to me, knowing that i will be very, very greateful.

Since I often wonder: What is in that womans handbag….

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klip, fold, klister

Klip, fold og klister – kan skabe smukke former

hvad er det med geometriske former, er de kedelige og kantede eller kan de noget?

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Lys kaster skygger

Foto: projekt ‘Growing On mE’ – i forårslys i Raadvad. Modeller af kropssmykker der senere skal skæres i bæredygtigt træ fra Ghanas skove. (Mere om projektet Growing On mE her.)

There is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in. Leonard Cohen

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