‘The time is always now’

– my favorit statement about ‘present and time’ made by Victor IV. An artist, that way ahead of his time, was working ‘The 2. Quality Construction Company; making art from, and on trash.

I am the lucky owner of one of his ‘Bulgar watches’, designed by Viktor IV himself and made by a Danish watchmaker. On my Bulgar watch the clock hands turn the opposite direction around AND the numbers are out of place.  The exercise of actually reading the time on this watch, always make me wonder, if time can be anything but NOW.

And now, – see this brand new ‘Black Infenity’ watch designed by Levi Maestro, a very young designer that knows how to hit right on time, since his limited editions are sold out before you can count to 12. His watch does NOT show the time, because ‘time’ is not important…  Just abfab!


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3 Responses to ‘The time is always now’

  1. wonderful !!
    also check out the Swedish designer Vivianna Torun Bülow Hübe she made ​​similar “timeless” watch in the 1960s (for walls I think)

  2. sara

    You can now buy VIKTOR’s wall clocks THE TIME IS ALWAYS NOW on bulgartime.com

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