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Conference on New Business Models

At the 2. conference on New Business Models in Graz, Austria, opening keynote speaker Maurits Groen really impressed by showing how he is really doing it, and not just talking about it. He presented the business model behind the company WAKA WAKA with the vision: To share the sun, – a project putting off-grid power users on the map in both developed and developing countries. Check out the site and shop – and the blog.  Maurits also presented another company with an interesting developing story and a community based business model. Facing a world with an increasing amount of mouths to feed, the chicken farm KIPSTER is looking for at fairer way to do this, and have turned words into deeds. Both of these company stories made the participants stand up and clap enthusiastically.

Antony Upward the 2. keynote speaker, introduced himself with the cross-fertilized titel: Pracademic … and right away got my attention, since I strongly believe, we need to look up from our professional silos, crossover, reach out and make connect with different thinking minds, with other perspectives and experiences – to develop new business models and to leverage as a specie. Antony reflected on the importante of a new normativ in business modeling and addressed the issue of – what are we actually aiming for? He pointet to the importances of getting this right from the start, for us not to spend time doing less bad, when we might have the potential to do it right. What goals are we setting for enterprises working with their new business models? How do we define succes? And down to words. What do we call it? Antony pointed to our present aiming for sustainability, – and asked is this it? Is this fun? Or should we reach higher? and aim for a flourishing world, as being proposes, inspired by John R. Ehrenfeld and his book: Sustainability  by Design. Please now all readers; we are invited to consider and elaborate on this: What to call it ? And if flourish in the word, then what would you call this in our mother tongue? In Danish flourish could be: blomstere, or: trives. Personally, I feel it tents to be a bit more poetic and maybe ‘sweet’ than the English word flourishing. But what do you think, – please translate flourish into Danish or your language and propose your suggestion for: How do we define and describe the succes we want and work for?

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