Artist Statement:

By Henriette Melchiorsen

Early on in my career I worked to learn the mechanisms of design. Today I use the power of this process to change the system from within. I am part of a necessary change. Working for a new paradigm that uses creativity, art and design to find the new paths for us humans to enter into the future more happy, healthy and in balance with our surroundings and the eco system we are a part of.

I am a pragmatic idealist. I use creativity as an approach and method to create new visions. More sustainable solutions. I do this by facilitating processes in cross disciplinary forums with collaborations between many different disciplines. Because I believe any one of us might run faster alone but will get much farther working together, and the enormous problems we’re facing collectively today cannot be solved by a single person or a single industry alone.

We need to work together. Dream together. Achieve this together.

I want to expose the faults in the current system using art and critical design. And then use the vacuum that occurs to argue for the needed change – both of design as a practice and of our lifestyle and society. I dream to initiate the transition from a society based on economic growth, to an emerging future with wider criterions of success.

Something as naive as a world for our common best.

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