My camera is a small canon IXUS 100IS. Nothing fancy about that. It is small and therefore I always bring it with me, – and that’s how it comes in handy for me. I love to spot an image and I take tons of pictures – to remember and share,  and because it expands my mind when I change perspective and hereby it helps me see things in another way.


Streetwall in Northavn Copenhagen.

Street art from Tel Aviv 2011.

Above: unknown artist.

Bellow  the last picture I took of my father.

I love you. It is alright to move on now. I still love you. Thank you for being my father.

Above you see the house my studio i located in. Bellow the view from the studio and my wood-hood.

My studio wood-hood

Fotografi den 07-07-13 kl. 20.25

‘Greenlines’ /Raadvad ’10

Fotografi den 20-10-11 kl. 17.08

Slow sex

Forårs anemone skygger

Solnedgang over Bornholm – set fra Møbelfabrikken i Nexø.





Tak for Storm P.


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