This Is My Office, TIMO

‘This is my office’  startede as a project about … the stuff women carry around in their handbags?

It’s based on my curiosity about the content of all the handbags carried around at anytime and anywhere. What is it, we find important enough to actually want to carry it around all day?

A special curiosity developed around, what is the content of the bags of the many women who, like myself, bring an ‘on-the-road-office’ with them every day.

Along the way, I was presented with ‘life needs’ to be (a woman) on the road in life and in business. Since many of the women I know work in different office locations and travel a lot, their ‘office’ – anywhere and often in life – is ‘between meetings and on the go’. Therefore, I found it interesting to examine what ‘equipment’ these women carry around. What is needed and what allows us to work almost anywhere? In my research, women have shown me the contents of their bags so I can see for myself. I have also noticed that about a third of the women I have told about the project and then asked if I could see the contents of their bag have refused. Often do not want to explain why or say; no no to messy, or just – no I do not want to share …

Please, have a look for yourself.

HR chief:

IT consultent

Product designer

Singer, cook




Marketing Consultant


General Counsel


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