I am the 3,207,537,800th person on earth

Now we are more than 7 billion people on Earth, and I am the 3,207,537,800th person in the row. Out of a total of 77,011,033,710 persons ever lived here since history began. Big numbers. Do you want to know your number in this our long line of human beings.

How is our planet going to accommodate all of these bodies and lives in the future? Will we in the futura have to inhabit more than earth? Will we have to populate space ? And if so, will Space elevators be part of the picture? Well, this proposals may not be as fare as out as it seems … since the development of carbon nanotubes, the strongest material ever, has just made it possible to construct the cable types necessary to reach the sky 36.000 km up. It sounds fare out, but one thing for sure, the view will be spectacular, – but  is this a solution?

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