Craft of Use


Conference held in London at The London College of Fashion at the 26. of Marts, based on the  Local Wisdom project – where personally stories of how people use their garments has been collected from five different continents. At the conference Kate Fletcher, Dilys Williams, director of Center for Sustainable Fashion – and a team of cooperators and helpers opened this new way of working and looking at sustainability in fashion.


The satisfying and resourceful practices associated with using clothes – the ‘craft of use’ – aim to challenge the dependency of the fashion industry on increasing material throughput and to propose alternatives based on sustained attention to tending and using garments not just creating or buying them.IMG_3888IMG_0199IMG_3846

After all, owning a garment, does not mean we know how to use it… J The craft of use’s goal is to change our garment-related visions, ideas, habits, skills and stories to be shaped by our capabilities, experiences and achievements as well as our commodities. As Kate Flecher said at the conference: It’s all about body, mind, things, knowledge, skills, stories, structure and individuals.

From Denmark Vibeke Riisberg from the Design School in Kolding had participated in the prior work and also took part in the panel discussion and workshops, and among the audience where people from EU, US and Canada.

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