For 5 very busy days design students and business people from countries around the Baltic Sea participated in an InnovationsCAMP planed by the Innonet Lifestyle and held at the Design School at Holmen in Copenhagen. My role was as facilitator of the Design Workshop. Camp

InnovationCAMP is part of the Comfort in Living project. The purpose of the project is to focus on product development for the comfort of living among the growing population of elderly people in the Baltic Sea Region. The project responds to the growing societal challenge of an aging population in Europe as well as in other parts of the world.

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At the CAMP design teams and business teams where partnered across borders and worked jointly with design and creation of new solution for kitchens for the growing population of 65+. It was very interesting to see how Design Thinking used as a tool both in the Design teams  and Business teams gave a hole new platform for co-creating. The hope is that this may bring solutions to the Baltic Sea Region market as well as the global market, as the population of elderly people is growing around the world.

The purpose of the DesignWORKSHOP was to use Design Thinking and User-Centered Design as an approach to develop new, innovative kitchen solutions for this group. Each Design Team joined forces to co-create solutions giving future elderly in Northern Europe the possibility to remain independent and empowered; living a life with possibilities in spite of physical constraints and the limitations that come with ageing.


Each team solution where evaluated by a jury on two criteria, and there where announced two winning teams, one for: Novelty of the solution, and one for: Potential for realization. Betina Simonsen CEO of Innonet Lifestyle where head of jury.

See a short movie from the project here.


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