LAUNCH Nordic Summit 2015


The LAUNCH Nordic Summit 2015 was held at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation, – in short KADK.


For the 2. time people from the US and around the world gathered for the Summit to connect, share and network in the spirit of reaching sustainable solutions within this years challenge theme: New Materials & Feedstock. Experiences was shared by participants from last years and at the summit, we all took a look at the coming LAUNCH Nordic Challenge 2015 – that will be focusing on ‘New Materials & Feedstock’. This years work could fx. include innovative approaches to lower water and chemical consumption in production, use, and recycling of materials.


LAUNCH Nordic was first created in the US in a strategic partnership, and now also comes in a Nordic version as a collaboration between IKEA, Novozymes, Kvadrat and Nordic Government Institutions with joined forces to spearhead the Nordic effort to drive system innovation and help identify and scale sustainable innovations in materials.

LAUNCH Nordic CHALLENGE2015  is now open for your innovation. Please imagined how to use fx. less water and chemicals in production, or try to think of a new system for sending plastic into recycling. Inter the Challenge and then if your innovation is ambitious and visionary, you may get chosen …

Read more about is here Launch Nordic Challenge 2015.

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