Diploma in Education

A happy woman ! – Since I just finished my Diploma in Education, in Danish  Pædagogisk Diplomuddannelse, a 60 ECTS valued education. I have learned about teaching and learning, basic knowledge and new theories about science, pedagogy and learning methods, such as Piaget, Løw, Illeris and Scharmer alone with coaching techniques. In all self chosen topics I focused on facilitating learning in the Design process. At the same time I was teaching at the Design schools and DTU and saw this as a very enriching, synergistic learning process. It was an interesting and rewarding two sides process to switch between learning and teaching, and it has given me a chance to test my new knowledge and seeing ‘the learning proces’ happen in the mind and body of the design students.

My final project was about ‘Guidance and supervision in Design processes – and how to archive innovation and creativity within this proces’. My focus was on the appreciative- and narrative approach  supplemented with new ideas and methods from Otto Scharmers interesting book ‘Theory U’.


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