a PLAN…?

Looking forward to join ‘Global premiere’ of The PLAN / Thursday evening at DDC.

Review will follow …

Well, the revolution got exposed because of technical problems ….

– or maybe the movie called The PLAN, just wasn’t strong enough to start a revolution. Although it took off in a tense and expectant atmosphere, the hall was fullpacked and I admit I felt a thrill, – with short, fast speaks and online visit to other venues gathered for the same purpose as the mob in DDC, the scene was set. But the movie had to be restarted servel times and people started to slipp off and so did the tense feeling. And as the film finally went alone, it became clear, that this was not a film able to start a revolution, sorry to say. Simply not that big at all!

Here the sympathetic moderator Tobias Lau is talking about the Massive Change Network and the book he participated in developing working for Canadian architect Bruce Mau.

But, although this did not kick-start the revolution, the field work with sustainability will continue, and please feel free to exchange any disappointment, with this a visit to Theo Jansens alluring world of creatures.

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